A significant irrigation repair event

During The Invitational, on July 13th, a 2.5″ irrigation line cracked and broke in the short game area at north practice.  It turned out to be a tricky repair because the line had been modified from a previous renovation to the short game area and there were hundreds of wire splice bundles in the way of the repair.  Cody did a great job persevering to get the repair done despite hot weather and a big tournament happening simultaneously and the pictures of the project are worth sharing in the blog…

Post repair, and prepped for sod.

A muddy mucky mess. No easy way to expose this line with all the wires that were in the way.

After turning the water back on, a gasketed fitting up the line pulled out and it was back to square 1 again.

300 gallons/minute can do a lot of damage in a short period of time.

The culprit broken pipe, probably the result of water hammer moving the lines around, or a bit of ice from blowout.

Golf Shop parking area renovation re-cap

On Friday 6/10 the board requested and approved a renovation to the cart staging area on the east side of the golf shop.  On Saturday 6/11 we broke ground to lay ~1000 sq. ft. of new paver parking areas, and install new berm and flower beds.

The project was completed at 9 pm on 6/22 for a total cost of $36,885.


Initially proposed 3 phase plan. Only phase 1 and 2 were done.








Removing trees and beginning excavation.








Before excavation








Re-routing mainline irrigation.








Concrete removed, irrigation lines modified and ready for sub-base.









Compacting sub-base








New flower bed and subgrade ready for pavers







Finished product, just in time for Member Member

Fall 2017 Project summary

Here is a quick summary of what we worked on for course improvements this fall.  Our project season was slightly abbreviated because the weather was rotten during the three weeks between finishing summer mowing operations and the time the crew left to return to Mexico.  When the weather got nice in late October we were already down to a skeleton crew.

  • Added ~8 tons of bunker sand to greenside and northernmost fairway bunkers #18.
  • Leveled Tee boxes on #16 rust, #7 silver and black, and #9 Pro tee
  • Moved 4 sprinklers out of native up to bluegrass edge behind 12 green

    Cutting through mud and tree roots to re-capture sprinklers overtaken by years of tree growth behind #12 green.

  • Moved 1 sprinkler up to bluegrass edge north side of 8 fairway
  • Moved the 4 large tee sign boulders out of bluegrass and into native to be consistent with other holes – #’s 2, 3, 12, 17
  • Dug a new very large sump on 18 fairway to improve percolation rate of the second catch basin south of the green.
  • Misc. wet spot drainage mitigation on practice facility, front of 14 silver tee, between 16 silver and black tees.
  • Addition of drainage sump to back corner of 9 pro tee, 11 black tee.
  • Added a two track stone path to the small drive-off between fairway bunkers on #4
  • Seed new native on left side of #10 and other thin native areas

Large boulder with tee signs moved out of bluegrass on hole #2 and prepped for new sod.

A new sump was installed mid-fairway on #18 to help mitigate this pond that formed after every hard rain.










Searching for bedrock that will drain water, excavator went as deep as it could go.


In the nick of time…

Kenny finished up spraying fairways yesterday at 2 pm.  The rain started falling gently at 5 pm.  By morning on 11/2 there was 4″ of wet snow on the valley floor and the 10 day forecast is calling for snow and cold temps every day.  I’d say we couldn’t have timed it any better and it feels good to officially be put to bed.  

The guys are transitioning the shop to winter operations today and getting snow removal equipment staged at the clubhouse.  Let the snow fly!

4″ Wet heavy snow, morning of 11/2. It’s possible the snow cover clock starts now…

The final step

Kenny dialed in on #5 fairway preparing for a long winter of snow cover

We are nearing the end of our golf course maintenance season and working this week to finish up putting the golf course to bed.  The final step, (after aerifying greens/tees/fairways, winterizing the irrigation system, fencing the greens for elk, picking up the course furnishings, buttoning up projects, mowing & burning the native, elk proofing trees, marking the nordic trail, and finishing fertilizer applications in all turf areas…whew!) we spray the greens, tees and fairways with a fungicide to protect from snow mold.  Kenny and Cody knocked out the greens and tees on Monday 10/30, then Kenny continued to finish fairways on 10/31 and 11/1.  The weather cooperated and a big storm is coming in this weekend…Yes!!

Recapping the weather during the month of October, the cold and wet winter like weather that began on September 15 continued right on through October 15 with very little warmth, sunshine or dry weather.  The mountains received feet of snow and the valley saw three or more storms with accumulating snow.  I shoveled my driveway twice on October.  Just as it was feeling like we were going to roll right into winter, low and behold the faucet was turned off and the sun came out again.  For the last two weeks of October we enjoyed some Indian summer.  20’s at night and heavy frost, then 50’s and sunny in the afternoons.  The grass continued to go dormant because of the cold nighttime temperatures and we didn’t need to mow anymore, but it was sure nice working conditions.  We blew out the irrigation system in the sunshine and waited for the snow to fly.  Meanwhile most of the snow in the high country melted and the hiking/biking trails dried out.

Another season has come to an end and I feel really good about how the course went to bed.  We’re hoping for another few weeks of dry weather to prepare for the winter season, but we are prepared to be covered up with snow tomorrow if needed.

Late October Hi Pressure brought a welcome Indian Summer and pleasant working conditions for the crew





2016 Maintenance Staff